Our First Brewery Event and Silent Auction

On December 6th we held a brewery event at Accomplice Brewery and Ciderworks in West Palm Beach, FL. We filtered water from Lake Okeechobee and Everglades Stormwater Treatment Area STA-2 and then Accomplice brewed hard cider. We had LAKE O NO YOU DIDN'T a kiwi white chocolate cider and POUR ME A RIVER OF GRASS a traditional red hard cider. It was a lot of fun and we were encouraged to do this type of event again so keep watching facebook for announcements for our next brew event.
Our silent auction at the SFWMD headquarters will be held December 13, 8AM-2PM. We have over $6,000 worth of donated items on the auction block. We will post a list of the items and offer phone in bids the day of the event.


12/6/2018 - Raised $466 at Accomplice Brewery and Ciderworks brew event
12/5/2018 - Raised $84 at BCB FS Lunch and Learn and pop-up shop.
11/29/2018 - raised $194 at FOC Lunch and Learn and pop-up shop.
11/28/2018 - raised $100 from Clewiston FS 50/50 raffle.
11/27/2018 - raised $246 at St Cloud FS Brunch and Learn and pop-up shop.
11/26/2018 - Raised $261 at Okeechobee FS Brunch and Learn and pop-up shop.
11/15/2018 - Raised $60 at SFWMD HQ Lunch and Learn.
11/15/2018 - Raised $253 at the SFWMD FT Lauderdale F.S. drinking water presentation and pop-up shop.
11/12/2018 - Returned from Nepal 2018 water project and tour.
11/1/2018 - Raised $261 at the WRAC bakesale at SFWMD HQ.
10/31/2018 - Raised $1,020 at the annual SFWMD Hydro-Data fundraiser.
10/30/2018 - Celebrated water projects and computer projects with communities in Kabilash, Korthok, Dhokra Bari Nepal.
10/27/2018 - Departed for 2018 Nepal project and tour with a group of 8 people.
10/22/2018 - Received (30) LIFESAVER water filters from customs in Kathmandu.
10/18/2018 - Activated our annual ESRI Geographic Information Systems (GIS) license
10/11/2018 - Raised $457 at SFWMD Drinking Water Expo, pop-up shop and bake sale
10/4/2018 - Raised $755 at SFWMD Employee Committee Bake Sale
10/3/2018 - Initiated shipment of (30) water filters to KTM
9/23/2018 - Nepal travel team meeting
9/14/2018 - Fundraiser announcement by SFWMD Governing Board Sponsor, Brandon Tucker
8/30/2018 - Presented at SFWMD Operations & Maintenance Mangers Meeting
8/16/2018 - Hydrodata Pizza lunch fundraiser
8/6/2018 - Presented to SFWMD executive committee
7/17/2018 - Setup SQUARE point of sale credit card processing account
7/9/2018 -Honduras water filter system project completed.
6/20/2018 - Received water filter system for Honduras from Atlantic Filter, paid for by Bethesda-by-the-Sea.
6/19/2018 - Received personal use water filters for Honduras from LIFESAVER, including extra donated items.
6/17/2018 - Received funding support from The Brothers of St. Andrews, Boynton Beach Chapter
6/13/2018 - Formed association with LIFESAVER Ltd
5/29/2018 - Cuba water filter system (3X) project completed.
5/14/2018 - Selected as SFWMD Employee Committee Charity of the Year
5/14/2018 - Received funding support for Cuba from St. David's Church, Wayne, PA
5/10/2018 - Purchased final pieces and fittings for Cuba water filter systems.
5/7/2018 - Received water filter units for Cuba from Atlantic Filter.
5/4/2018 - Received FL sales tax certificate.
4/19/2018 - Placed order for (4) water filter systems for Cuba.
3/26/2018 - Booked trip for Cuba
3/26/2018 - Listing on
3/22/2018 - Confirmed reservations for Cuba
3/20/2018 - Booked flights for Nepal
3/15/2018 - Guidestar Bronze level charity
3/12/2018 - Sunbiz incorporation renewal for 2018
3/12/2018 - Filed IRS 990-N postcard, we now show on the IRS non-profit charity finder.
3/2/2018 - Submitted request for Cuba travel visas (13 travelers)
3/1/2018 - CDWT Presentation to Ameriprise investor group
2/26/2018 - Board Meeting 2/20/2018 - Cuba Lunch and Learn presentation at SFWMD
2/16/2018 - Phone call with Aldon-chem discussing design of a custom water test kit.
2/10/2018 - Completed first project, Cuba water filter project.
2/10/2018 - First fund raiser, raised $1,533 at Fat Bastards House Party.
1/30/2018 - Ordered business cards
1/29/2018 - Received first online donation!
1/27/2018 - Made facebook and social-media announcements, party on Feb 10th
1/26/2018 - Registered with PAYPAL for online donations and credit card processing.
1/25/2018 - Opened bank account
1/23/2018 - 501(c)(3) APPROVAL, effective 11/27/2017!
1/20/2018 - Federal government shutdown could delay approval of our IRS 501(c)(3) application.
1/18/2018 - Held board meeting. Bob, Rick and Madhav reviewed the financial report, website, cuba project, partnerships, and plans for Nepal travel opportunity.
1/11/2018 - Contacted the IRS to inquire about the status of our 501(c)(3) filing - it is in process. The average turn around is 90-days.
1/8/2018 - Purchased GPS and water test kits for Cuba project.
12/16/2017 - Registered additional domain
12/15/2017 - Created draft business cards
12/8/2017 - Received IRS EIN number 82-3636663 and filed IRS form 2013-EZ, registering as charity non-profit 501(c)(3).
11/27/2017 - Registered facebook group Clean Drinking Water Team, Dropbox, Flickr account, youtube channel.
11/27/2017 - Registered as a FL non-profit corporation. Clean Drinking Water Team, Inc.
11/21/2017 - Selected name and launched website for